Final Post

When I choose to take this class I had no idea what to expect. Looking through the class syllabus and seeing all the posting and social media interaction that was going to be required, I will admit was a bit intimidated. Yet here where are at the end of the semester finishing things up, knowing […]

American Past Time

At the start of April and American past time begins again. It is an event that creates countless memories as being one of the most difficult task to perform. April is the start to baseball season. Its a sporting event measured by inches and decided by single moments. Nine innings of battling to the end. […]


Ask any comedian in the business and they will tell you the key to being funny, to making people laugh, is timing of jokes. If you say stuff when its not relevant you will just get a strange confused looks from the audience. However if you set them up and have things relevant to them […]


After having the opportunity to meet with my organization and sit down and talk to them I would say where all missing a major key when it comes to posting as a non profit. I feel as though I have seen the light! I have seen an opportunity that we should all share with all […]

Charity Water any one?

Charity Water is a non-profit organizations that takes non-profiting to a whole new level! There mission is to provide clean drinking water to every person on the planet, which by the way is not a very easy task. Some of the key things that pop up when you head to there website is the amount […]

Exam Essay 1

For me the first semester has been a step learning curve in the field of blogging. However I can say it its by far my favorite way to write throughout all of school. I am still confined to meet certain criteria with in the blog, how ever I get to use my own voice when […]